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Helen Goodson

Co-Chair of Trustees

Helen has supported the LGBTQIA+ community for many years, being involved with various groups over the years.

She became a trustee of the rainbow project after seeing the lack of support for the community within South Yorkshire.

She fights tirelessly locally and nationally for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community on both a personal and professional level.

Helen is a fountain of Knowledge!!

She is always willing to share her knowledge and experience with others.


Tony Swindells

Co-Chair of Trustees

Tony is originally from Murton, a small mining village in the North-East of England. 

He has been with his husband Michael ( keep reading - you'll meet him later) since February 1998. 

They have three Bedlington Terriers that he enjoys walking. 

Tony loves books, film, theatre, and nails! 

Tony  spends his time supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and The Rainbow Project (Rotherham). 


Michael Swindells

Volunteer Outreach Community Lead, Writer in Residence... and Treasurer

Michael is a meant-to-be retired boring finance bod who likes to poke bigoted people with a stick.

In his spare time he writes LGBTQIA+ fiction and is currently procrastinating over a PhD in creative writing which he may never do - but probably will. He also eats way too many wine gums.

Michael is our Outreach Community Lead. Michael is the main point of contact for 1:1 support - he's the dude who will answer the messages.

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