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I aint coming out

i aint coming out, it's not for me, its for other people

put it in a box, under the bed, lock it away

I aint coming out

all the words ive been called,... faggot, ,,, queer,,,,, thats not for me

its just words, people use them all the time.....punctuated with punches and kicks

we all had that happen to us.... of course we did..... didn't we?

I aint coming out

the curve of the back, the lines of the torso, the biceps, the triceps

all the beauty of the male form, the homoerotic

yes... it's easy on the eye, it's just art! calms me down

no, it doesn't make me hard yes it does!

I aint coming out

I ain't gonna do it again, it built up in my head

I saw the pictures, it made me feel good,

Then I came and I thought this is wrong!!

I aint coming out

take up boxing, kickboxing, wear a mask

GOD I HATE THIS..... look... just wear the mask!

wear the false face, cause i'm telling you

I aint coming out

been at this for so long, dont know whats real and what's fake anymore

but i'll tell you.... I aint coming out

you gonna make me say? im gay? no way!

look i got no issues, i got lots of gay friends

here..... look at page 3.......erm that aint for me

I aint coming out

there is something there, makes me stare, but not sure,,, makes sense but doesn't make sense

I aint coming out

SIGH! that feels sooooooo good!

this can NEVER come out!

Kane Corvus 2023

Kane Corvus is a Derby based spoken word performer, he gigs regularly around the UK.

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