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What it is to be human

Biology, Sex, binary, dualistic, black, white, polar, singular, sameness, safeness, male, female, MONOCHROMATIC. Gender, chromatic, multiplicity, SPECTRUM, fluidity, adaptive, changeable, internal, wrong? Human, biology, gender, both? Judging, condemning, ABUSIVE, small, social, caring, loving, openness, feeling, sharing, oneness, US

Masculine or Feminine? What I am

I was born with a penis; I did not develop tits at puberty instead I grew hair all over my body. My back is carpeted in a coarse, thick, dark fur. So, to all intents and purposes, I am male, a man, masculine. Am I feminine? I love pretty floaty clothes; tights and a jumper dress are my staples. Nails are manicured and gelled, pretty sparkling colour adorns each nail, a face is often decorated with glorious delicate make up.

The technique is still not exact merely adequate.

I am conflicted, examined, a non-entity. My own self is open for discussion, can tolerated or not!

I present my truth to the world, and it is judged unacceptable to the masses. Open to debate and discourse, subject to papers from academia to validate my existence.

I am neither male nor female. I therefore make you uncomfortable, question your certainties. Can your mind open enough to see what is within?

I am Tony. Husband, father, co-parent, child, brother, reverend, trustee, friend, human. Judge me on my words and deeds, not constructed social criteria.

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